Nyx Cosmetics - Hit or Miss?

Okay, so to start I'm going to add a disclaimer. If I say anything here you don't agree with, that's okay! If I don't like something that is your holy grail then I am so happy that it worked for you. If something didn't work for me, it doesn't mean it won't work for you and it doesn't make it a bad product!
I also don't have the whole collection (I wish I did but unfortunately I don't!) so I can only give my opinions on the products I do have.

Today I will be discussing the Soft Matte Lip Cremes, the Jumbo Lip Pencils, the Nyx Wonder Pencil, the eyeshadow palette in 'Wicked Dreams' and the Nyx Illuminator Powder in Enigmatic. There will also be a special mentioning of the Nyx single eyeshadow in the shade Liquid Gold!

I will leave links to the individual products after their reviews.

So..let's get started!


I am going to start with face products as I only have one, which is the Nyx Illuminator in the shade Enigmatic,

-although I am dying to try the primer in Angel Veil so if anyone has tried it leave me a message in the comments below and let me know what you think of it!- 

So to look at in the pan this highlighter looks very peachy pink, it is SO beautiful! When swatched it keeps its peachy pink appearance but also reflects gold. 

Now I have very pale skin and I have to be very careful when I use this as it is very, very pigmented and can quite quickly leave me with a stripe on my face (which is not a good look!) You can probably see in the photo the stripe, that was just from one swipe so, as you can tell, it is a very pigmented highlighter. However, if you have a slighter darker skin tone than me (which lets face it...isn't difficult!) it wouldn't show up as harshly and I think it would be stunning!!! 
All in all this is a really beautiful highlight! It isn't going to be one of those highlights that gives you a really subtle glow, the ones that make you look lit from within. This is a very intense highlight so if that isn't your thing I wouldn't recommend this highlighter for you.




Next up I have 2 products (and an honourable mention) in the eyes category. 

I will start with the eyeshadow palette. I have the Wicked Dreams palette and I have to say, all in all, I am quite impressed. But, I feel that the paler shades in this palette really let it down. As you will see in the swatches there are some STUNNING colours, which I have used many many times, but the pale shades really do not swatch well and, unfortunately, this translates on the lid as well. Before we go any further let me show you the palette and the swatches: 



I told myself I wasn't going to swatch them again as I have already done them for you, but as I am sat writing this I am still sat with my fingers in the palette!!

As you can see, the deeper shades and the metallic/shimmery shades swatch like a dream!! They are so buttery and pigmented and that translates to the lid when applying them too. They are beautiful.
Unfortunately,  even though the pale shades are just as buttery to touch, they really is little to no colour pay off in swatches or when applying them.
These shadows are quite powdery and you will get some fall out when using them, but for the price you pay and the quality of (most of) the shadows I can forgive a little fallout! 

All in all, I do think that this is a really good palette as there are only 4 or 5 shadows that don't really do much. The rest are beautifully buttery, pigmented and blend really easily! 


While we are on eyeshadows, honourable mention goes out to the Nyx Prismatic eyeshadow in the shade Liquid Gold. This is the newest Nyx product to my collection but what a welcome addition it is!! It is a real coppery gold colour and it is one of the butteriest (if that's even a word) eyeshadows I have ever felt!! 
Swatched it is so pigmented and looks so so beautiful on the eyes! I can really see myself getting a LOT of use out of this colour!

Picture from www.budgetbeautybog.com



Last up in the eyes category is the Nyx Wonder Pencil in the shade Medium. 

For me this product really is a multi use product. I use it as a base for eyeshadows, I use it in my water line instead of white to open up my eyes, I use it in my inner corner for a brighter inner eye without having to use a shimmery shadow. It has so many uses and every single time I have used it, no matter what it has been for, it has looked stunning.
The only down side to it is if I use it as an eyeshadow base, I have to be careful what shadows I put on top of it as it can sometimes make them crease. Also I can't wear it on my eyelids all day as it can start to dry out my eyelids if I wear it for too long. 
However, used in the water line it is stunning and lasts so long on me!


7.5/10 (if used on eyelids)
8/10 (when used in waterline)


Okay, now we're onto the good stuff. If you know me personally, or as you will soon become aware, I have a slight obsession with lip products! Lipsticks, lip liners, liquid lipsticks, lipgloss, the list just goes on. So it will come as no surprise to you that I have a small, but solid, collection of Nyx lip products.

We will start with my favourites. The Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cremes. 
I LOVE these products! Although they say matte, and they do eventually dry down matte, they don'y dry down to that horrible kind of matte that just sucks all the moisture out of your lips. I have a few liquid lipsticks and this is one of my favourite formulas, hands down. They are so pigmented that you don't need to apply 3 or 4 layers to get a really good colour pay off.
They are so comfortable to wear, they don't crease, they don't emphasise lines or dryness on my lips, they last for the longest time and even when they do fade, they don't chip or flake off or start disappearing in random patches they just fade beautifully! 

I have a selection of shades and I have swatched them all for you:

L-R: Copenhagen, Seoul, San Paulo, Morocco and Amsterdam

Top to Bottom: Copenhagen, Seoul, San Paulo, Morocco and Amsterdam
My favourite shades to wear are Copenhagen, (first dark coloured liquid lipstick I tried!) San Paulo and Amsterdam. 
Seoul and Morocco were my adventurous purchases where I decided to try things outside of my comfort zone, and I have to say, I love them too. I just don't get as much wear out of them as I do the others.
Copenhagen is a deep, dark, plummy colour. Seoul is just purple. San Paulo is a really beautiful mauvey, pinky shade, Morocco is a really orangey red, leaning more towards orange and Amsterdam is a very pinky natural red. All of them are such beautiful colours and are very welcome additions to my lip collection and I have absolutely no doubt that my collection will be expanding! 



10/10 (my favourite product out of all of them) 

And last, but by no means least are the Nyx Jumbo Lip Pencils. I have 2 shades, one in Honey Nectar, which is a beautiful, everyday, pale pinky mauvey colour and Hot Red which, as the name suggests, is a beautiful blue toned, bright red.
Now unlike the Soft Matte Lip Cremes, these do not dry down matte. These are a normal lipstick formula just in stick form and not in a bullet. This also means that they don't last as long on the lips. However, they are still just as highly pigmented as the Lip Cremes and sit just as comfortably. They are just a product that you will just have to put in your handbag for touch ups throughout the day.

Top - Honey Nectar
Bottom - Hot Red



So there we have it, my views on the products that I currently own from Nyx. I really hope that you found this review useful in helping you decide what to purchase from Nyx. 
If there are any other brands or products that you would like to see reviewed leave me a comment below!! 



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