My Pregnancy and Labour with Ollie

April 9th 2014. The day our lives changed forever. The day I found out I was pregnant. I have already done a post on telling family I was pregnant so go give that a read!

My actual pregnancy with Ollie was very straight-forward. I had no complications, no issues and for the most part, no symptoms (hence the shock finding out!) The only thing I really remember suffering from was heartburn, further into my second trimester, and my asthma worsening, which was to be expected with everything shifted up!!

Here are my scans from Ollie:

12 weeks,

20 weeks.

My labour was also nice and easy, although not quick. 9th December 2014 my waters break and start leaking in the pub that Ian worked in at the time. Contractions start straight away. Family come up the next morning and  I laboured at home with just a Tens Machine (GOD SEND!!!) until Thursday morning when the hospital finally decided to take me in (my contractions never regulated like they wanted.) Got to hospital and had gas and air (YES, YES, YES!) got checked and was 6cm. Got off the hospital bed and mind hind waters broke, they went everywhere!! Went and sat on the toilet, yelling at people that I just needed a poo, then I'd have the baby. Apparently I was crowning!! Midwife came in and between her and my mum, physically dragged me to the bed and 3 pushes later he was out (no pain relief at that point as Ian didn't get there quick enough with the gas and air!)

Unfortunately, it was after he was born we ran into complications! TMI WARNING!!

My cervix closed round half my placenta and I suffered a PPH (post partum heamorraghe, basically I lost a LOT of blood) we were just about to be wheeled to theatre to get the placenta out when I managed to get it out, thank goodness!! I did suffer a 2nd degree tear, which meant stitches! I actually got higher on gas and air when they were stitching me up than I did when I was in labour as I was so scared about a needle in my foof!!! All I remember is my mum telling me to shut up because I was slurring and talking crap and seeing 2 doctors and asking mum why it needed 2 doctors and which one I should talk to!!!

And then he was here all 8lb 8oz of him and we couldn't have been more in love. That rush of love is so indescribable to someone who hasn't experienced it. It's like you can feel your heart growing and you know you will do whatever it takes to protect them forever.

And he's never given us our hearts back since.



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