Just a little something to say Hi!

Morning chores - DONE!
Lunch - MADE!
Dinner - PREPARED!

(not gonna lie, feeling pretty proud right about now!)

And my son....is actually dressed (result!!) and eating...a dry pitta bread. Well you can't win them all can you!

So cuppa tea in hand, toddler on knee, I thought it was about time to get this blog up and running!! So here we are!! 

My name is Nicole, I'm 21 years old and I am a newbie blogger here at That Maternal Life. As this is my little cubby hole on the internet, I thought it wise to introduce myself as this page will be about...well...me! My family, my current pregnancy, my (not so slight) makeup addiction and, well, anything else that takes my fancy really!

So here I am with my wonderful (if slightly maddening) fiancee and my beautiful 'baby' boy, Ollie.

11th December 2015 - Twycross Zoo
Although this is a photo taken on Ollie's first birthday and he is now 2, you  get the gist! 

Keeping this one short and sweet as there will be plenty more posts going more in depth on my son, my backstory, my pregnancy, my (not so small) makeup collection and anything else, I just wanted to say hi!!

Prepare yourself for (ridiculously cute, in my opinion!) photos of my son and eventually my daughter when she makes her appearance in May!! 

And finally welcome! Welcome to the life of me, young mother and homemaker just trying to scrape through life in this big 'ol world!! 



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